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Sponsor a Teacher $50.00

Sponsored tickets allows us to provide our amazing staff with complimentary event tickets as a small token of our appreciation for their efforts. Thank you!

K (1 ticket/$10) Loads of Legos Basket Raffle $10.00

All lego lovers will be excited for bricks of fun.  ASFS Kindergarten presents its “What will you make?” lego-themed auction basket.

This basket has lego bricks for young builders of differing ages and abilities.  There are a variety of learning sets and other fun LEGO themed items including: 

LEGO Friends Mobile Bakery Food Car (42606 – ages 6+)

LEGO DOTS Multi Pack Summer Vibes (41937 – ages 6+)

LEGO City Ice-Cream Shop (60363 – ages 6+)

LEGO City Holiday Camper Van (60283 – ages 5+)

LEGO City Mobile Police Dog Training (60369 – ages 5+)

LEGO Technic Off-Road Race Buggy (42164 – ages 8+)

LEGO Technic Heavy Duty Bulldozer (42163 – ages 7+)

LEGO Marvel Motorcycle Chase:  Spider-Man vs Doc Ock (76275 – ages 6+)

LEGO Elements - Race Cars Book + 3 foot race track + 124 pieces

LEGO Super Heroes Ready for Action Coloring Book

LEGO Building Ruler

LEGO Journal

LEGO Wallet

LEGO Toy Bucket 

K (3 tickets/$25) Loads of Legos Basket Raffle $25.00
K (15 tickets/$100) Loads of Legos Basket Raffle $100.00
1st (1 ticket/$10) Bluey Basket Raffle $10.00

Let's Celebrate BLUEY!  This basket is filled to the brim with so many great Bluey and friends activities and toys Bluey fans are sure to love it!


Valued at $300, this beautiful woven blue basket includes: Bluey and Bingo Talking Beach Plush Toys (with matching "The Pool" book), 5-minute stories book, VTech Bluey Wackadoo Watch, Bob Bilby puppet, Chattermax, Bluey Dance Mode Bubble Machine and Toy Microphone, a Bluey-themed activity backpack, window art suncatchers kits, slimygoop sand, paint your own stepping stone, night light and tea party sets, stickers and word find, Jewelry kit, Aqua art and MORE! 

1st (3 tickets/$25) Bluey Basket Raffle $25.00
1st (15 tickets/$100) Bluey Basket Raffle $100.00
2nd (1 ticket/$10) Ultimate Arts and Crafts Basket Raffle $10.00

Indulge in the ultimate Arts and Crafts Basket! 

Valued at $300, this basket has everything your family needs to explore their artsy (and craftsy) side - including: 3 Klutz Clay Kits, extra crafting clay, paints, markers, crayons, art kits, construction paper, sketch pads, glitter markers, a how-to draw book, a puppet-making kit, a portable painting studio by Crayola and an artist carrying case. 

So many amazing arts and crafts supplies and activities are included - your family will be outfitted for a long time with this great basket! 

2nd (3 tickets/$25) Ultimate Arts and Crafts Basket Raffle $25.00
2nd (15 tickets/$100) Ultimate Arts and Crafts Basket Raffle $100.00
3rd (1 ticket/$10) Harry Potter Basket Raffle: "Mischief Managed" $10.00

Calling all Harry Potter fans!  ASFS Third Grade presents its “Mischief Managed” Harry Potter-themed auction basket. 


This basket has something for Harry Potter Fans of all ages and is filled with activities to keep fans busy!  From Origami to Legos and Funkos to stuffies, you are sure to find things you love in this basket!

Valued at over $250, this basket includes:  LEGO Harry Potter Slytherin House Banner Building Set, Douglas Wizard Snowy Owl Plush Stuffed Animal, 

Harry Potter Origami Volume 1, Hedwig Purse Pets, Funko Bitty Pop! Harry Potter Mini Collectible Toys 4-Pack - Hermione Granger, Rubeus Hagrid, Ron Weasley & Mystery Chase Figure,  Funko Bitty Pop! Harry Potter Mini Collectible Toys 4-Pack - Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Dobby & Mystery Chase Figure, LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts: Polyjuice Potion Mistake , Wizarding World Harry Potter, 12-inch Spellbinding Harry Potter Wand with Collectible Spell Card, Harry Potter Storage Cubes, Squishmallows Original Harry Potter 10-Inch Gryffindor Lion Plush, UNO Harry Potter Card Game, 4D Build, Harry Potter Character 3D Puzzle Model Kit , Sphere Fidget Spinner Hand Finger Spinning Toy Magic Orb and MORE!

3rd (3 tickets/$25) Harry Potter Basket Raffle: "Mischief Managed" $25.00
3rd (15 tickets/$100) Harry Potter Basket Raffle: "Mischief Managed" $100.00
4th (1 ticket/$10) Star Wars: May the Fourth Be With You Basket Raffle $10.00

May the Fourth (Grade) Be With You as you try your luck at winning this fantastic Star Wars themed raffle basket!

Valued at over $350, this basket includes fun Star Wars themed items the whole family will love!  

Cuddle up with a Woven Tapestry while you cuddle your plush Grogu, play with your Grogu Pop-It or build a LEGO X-Wing Fighter, Star Fighters and BrickHeads Mandalorian and The Child. the Basket also includes a R2-D2 Tamagotchi, Star Wars UNO, books, a set of stress balls, a 3D night light, light up Light Saber chop sticks and MORE! 

4th (3 tickets/$25) Star Wars: May the Fourth Be With You Basket Raffle $25.00
4th (15 tickets/$100) Star Wars: May the Fourth Be With You Basket Raffle $100.00
5th (1 ticket/$10) Tribute to Taylor and Travis Basket Raffle $10.00

After big GRAMMY and Super Bowl wins, what better way than to celebrate Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce than with this Swifty/Football themed basket?

Valued at over $250, and full of so many fun things, fans of both (or either!) are sure to enjoy the chance to win this bright "RED" basket which includes: 

  • $25 giftcard to Baskin Robbins so everyone in the family can enjoy a milk "Shake (it off!)"
  • Sour Patch Kid Milk "Shake (if off)" kit
  • Football Mist 'N Sip Water Bottle
  • "Trouble" Board game
  • Swiftie bracelets and sticker set
  • Bracelet making kit so you can design your own friendship bracelets
  • Super Bowl LVII (b/c the Chiefs won that one too) UNO Card Game
  • Flick Football game
  • Klutz Make Your Own Bottle Kit (For when "You Need to Calm Down")
  • "Not a Lot Going On at the Moment" and "1989" Notebooks
  • Chocolate Football
  • Microfiber beach towel to get through the "Cruel Summer"
  • 3D Illusion Football Night Light 
  • "Lavender (haze)" windowsill planter
  • "It's Me, Hi" pouch
  • Hearts and Kisses Candies
  • Album titles metal cup
  • Books about Taylor Swift

5th (3 tickets/$25) Tribute to Taylor and Travis Basket Raffle $25.00
5th (15 tickets/$100) Tribute to Taylor and Travis Basket Raffle $100.00